History Of Sol

History Of Sol

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History Of Sol - 02 - Anamnesis Paperback

This is the second book in the illustrated series following the crew of the Cargo Transport Ship Galaxy as they chase secrets, fight outlaws and try not to get exiled from the Colonies.

Representatives from the four colonies gather for the Anamnesis; a commemoration dedicated to the long lost homeworld.
Shrouded in controversy, a tribute is announced to lay the foundation for a new colony.
Tempers erupt when one of the colonies is suspected to be behind an attack on the M1 Orbital Space Station, intent on plunging the colonies into war and chaos.
In order to overcome adversity, unlikely allies must put aside their differences and work together.

Format: Paperback
Language: English
Length: 105 pages
Published: June 2017 by Masterton Dutch Multimedia
Written by: Steven Dutch & Chris Masterton
Illustrated by: Jason Giraldo & Chris Masterton

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